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Girls (Ages 8 - 13)

As a young woman, there are, at times, many foreign situations that you will find yourself apart of. Relationships, friendships, DRAMA, self-esteem issues, bullying - YOU NAME IT! It happens. As I reflect on some of the issues of my past I think ...

"Sure would have been good to hear someones advice that day!"
If only there was a way to return to the past to tell the younger me "Don't DO It GIRL!!!!" "He's no good girl!!!" "If You wear that dress - YOU WILL FALL TONIGHT!!!" LOL. Well, we can't time travel so - that's out. But what we can do is educate and inform our younger sisters to make wiser decisions. TWUN believes that making the same mistakes are avoidable - When You've Made A Decision. When you've absolutely made up in your mind that "YOU DESERVE BETTER"  "YOU WANT MORE FOR YOURSELF" .. When you've made a decision on the type of woman you want to be, and walk in it!

TWUN is here to be that support system, motivation and inspiration-as well as cultivation in your talents and character; to always be on target to BE the best YOU.


"MakeUp Your Mind TM"

As ladies our insides should be as pretty as our outsides. We all want to look the best - but looking our best means nothing if we can't act in our best. "MakeUp Your Mind TM" is a session especially designed for our young women geared toward putting on your best in the areas of etiquette, hygiene, fashion, and makeup. Far to often do we see inappropriate attitudes coupled up with poor behavior and uncomplimentary makeup! TWUN is dedicated to empowering our young sisters in these areas. Let's talk about it and learn to look good doing it. 


Please contact us for more information.

Making A Difference - TWUN

We would like to join efforts.  If you have an event that you believe TWUN would compliment, PLEASE, let us know. Wherever we can make an impact - we want to be there <3

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Other Programs

Our little ladies need a SHE-RO.
As the world continues to move fast, we need to mover faster. There are far too many disparaging images of women saturating the impressionable eyes, ears, and minds of our up and coming girls. Our girls need to see another side. Not the glorified woman acting out and belligerent on the television screen; but the one walking in strength, honor, and dignity, smiling at her future - and just as fly!


"Tea Time TM"

Spilling the tea has become the norm-But not for our young girls, we will not be spilling anything. "Tea Time TM" is a session designed especially for our young girls to promote etiquette and celebrate empowerment in a "pretty" way... With our very own tea party! In the session we will highlight She-roe's in history's past and present while indulging in lunch with table games and chair prizes!


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